Dealing With Bail Bonding Issues Over The Phone

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When a loved one has been jailed, you probably want to help them get out. Being released from jail depends on several factors and you may end up speaking to bail bonding agent at some point. Knowing what is happening with your loved one during this time and how to handle their release takes on great importance. Read on to find out more about bail, bail bonds, and how to deal with the bail bond agent.

15 July 2019

When Is It Time To Outsource Your Accounts Receivable Management?

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Many businesses struggle with collecting their accounts receivable. It isn't just about having to be aggressive: it's also about potentially damaging your relationships with your customers. An easy solution can be to outsource your accounts receivable management. Here are a few signs that it may be time. 1. You're Spending a Lot of Time on Your A/R Your time should be spent growing your profit, not collecting your already existing profit.

15 May 2019

Tax Time For The Unemployed: 6 Ways To Keep Your Head Up And Your Expenses Low

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It's tax time again, and if you're unemployed, you're most likely dreading the paperwork and the possible expense of filing. You might just be suffering from fear of the unknown, though, because even without a job, there are still a lot of ways to ease the burden of the season and all the headaches you think come with it. 1. File Before The Deadline Not only will filing on time bring you a possible refund, it will definitely take a load off your mind.

7 March 2019