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What You Should Expect If You Miss A Court Hearing When Out On Bail

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Getting out of jail is probably your main goal if you are sitting behind bars but getting out of jail does not relieve you of the court process needed for the criminal charges you are facing. An arrest only occurs when there is either a warrant out for you or when the police suspect you committed a crime, which means you will have to face a criminal law process when you get out. If you use a bail bondsman to get out and then decide to skip your court hearings, here are three things you should expect to happen.

The court will order a bench warrant

When you do not show up to court after being released from jail after paying bail, this is a violation that is considered skipping bail. Skipping bail for any reason can and typically will result in the judge issuing a bench warrant. A warrant for your arrest will show up anytime a police officer pulls you over or looks up your record. If the police find you, they must legally bring you to jail because of the warrant. If you do not want to return to jail, make sure you know when your hearings are and attend them.

The bail bond agency will look for you

Secondly, when you use a bail bond agent to get out of jail and then decide to skip out on bail, you can be certain that the agency will send a bounty hunter out to look for you. When found, and they will find you, they will take you into custody and return you to jail.

You will face more consequences than before

Not only will skipping court result in returning to jail, but it will also result in facing further consequences. One consequence will be owing the bail bond agent the full amount of the bail. If your bail was $10,000 and you paid $1,000, you will lose that $1,000 and you will owe the $10,000. You may also face legal consequences for skipping your court hearing, but you can avoid all these things simply by following the rules given to you when you get out of jail on bail.

It is never a good idea to skip court, but this is especially true when you are out on bail. To get help or to find out more information, contact a bail bondsman in your area today.


11 September 2019