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Dealing With Bail Bonding Issues Over The Phone

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When a loved one has been jailed, you probably want to help them get out. Being released from jail depends on several factors and you may end up speaking to bail bonding agent at some point. Knowing what is happening with your loved one during this time and how to handle their release takes on great importance. Read on to find out more about bail, bail bonds, and how to deal with the bail bond agent.

What to Understand About Bail and Bail Bonds

Bail is the means by which your loved one can be released from jail. It is a sum of money that must be paid along with some rules about their behavior once they are out of jail. Bail costs are often too high for most normal citizens to afford. That is where bail bond agencies come in. They provide people with a less-expensive alternative to paying the full cost of the bail.

Phone the Jail and Gather Information

Your first act after finding out your loved one has been jailed is to verify their location and other information:

  1. The location where they are being held. Be cautioned that sometimes defendants are moved from one facility to another after they are arrested.
  2. The charges. Your bail bonding agent needs to know what your loved one has been charged with and the counts.
  3. Bail or no bail. Unfortunately, not all of those arrested are eligible for bail. If your loved one has a criminal record, has skipped out on bail before, or if they are accused of a serious crime like murder, bail may not be offered. This means they must remain in jail throughout their trial.
  4. The cost of the bail. This is the full cost you would pay if you do not use a bail bonding agency.

Phone a Bail Bond Company

It's important that you work with a bail bond agency that is located in the same general area as where your loved one is being held. Once you provide them with everything you know about your loved one's arrest, they can tell you about their fee. The fee (also called a premium) is a percentage of the full bail amount. The percentages vary from location to location, but the amount you pay for a bail bond is considerably less than what you would pay to the courts to have your loved one released. You will find that most bail bonding agencies are extremely helpful and willing to work on your behalf to have your loved one released. Phone an agent today and allow them to take on your burden. See this, for more information.


15 July 2019