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4 Ways To Get The Best Price For Your Coin Collection

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If you have a coin collection that you're trying to sell, you need to take your time. Selling your coin collection can be quite lucrative. However, it can also come with some pitfalls. If you're not careful, you can lose quite a bit of money in the transaction. Here are four crucial steps you need to take to ensure top dollar for your coin collection.

Know What Your Coins are Worth

Now that you're going to sell your collection, you need to know what your coins are worth. This might seem overly simplified, but if you don't know what your coins are worth, you risk losing money. You may have had your collection appraised in the past, but that doesn't mean that the values have held firm. Chances are good that your coins have changed value since the last time you had them looked at. Knowing what your coin collection is worth will help you set the right asking price.

Don't Let the Desperation Show

If you're in a hurry to sell your coin collection, don't let the desperation show. Fellow coin collectors will see that desperation in your eyes, and use it against you. In fact, they may offer you considerably less for your collection, knowing that you'll probably take it if you need the money. Instead, maintain your composure and make them think that you're doing them a favor by selling to them.

Take Care With the Slabs and Holders

When it comes to selling your coin collection, you've got to take care with the slabs and holders. If your coins are in older, or original, holders, keep them that way. Fellow coin collectors like to see the older and original holders. They add authenticity to the coins. Also, if your coins have been certified and placed in slabs, be sure the slabs remain clean and clear. You don't want scratches and smudges to block the view of your coins.

Choose the Right Time to Sell

If you want to sell your coin collection quickly, and for the best price, choose the right time to sell. One way to do that is to sell your coins when a coin show is scheduled for your area. You'll have plenty of prospective buyers looking for the perfect coin collection. Also, avoid selling your coins during the holidays. You'll find buyers who want to get a bargain, and aren't interested in paying full price for their coins.


14 December 2018